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Matters needing attention in lifting operation using binding tape
Add time:2015/09/26

Binding belts are often used during lifting operations. As a result, each driver takes a bundle with him for a rainy day.

1. advantages of binding tape

(1) easy to operate. One operator can make the binding device produce great binding force, bind and unload quickly.

(2) save time and effort. Instant binding, never fall off, instant relaxation, easy to operate, easy to recover cable, not occupied space.

(3) low cost and high efficiency. The binding band is cheap, and is made of fiber material and flat webbing.

2., the use of bundled tape notes

(1) pay attention to the bearing capacity of the binding belt, and can not be overloaded.

(2) try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners from abrasion or cutting.

(3) do not knot the webbing; avoid twisting and twisting and arranging the tensioner.

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