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Simple knowledge of crane maintenance
Add time:2015/09/26

Crane wear relatively high, routine maintenance is particularly important. Therefore, engaged in lifting staff, for crane maintenance and maintenance of common sense to contact and understand regularly, and learn how to repair the crane simple problem.

Then, how do the maintenance personnel do the crane routine maintenance work well?

First, regular maintenance, usually every half a month, and check the warranty record. Specific process:

1. daily maintenance;

2. lift the guide pulley and tie rod with the support, the variable trolley, pulley and wheel, hook block, pulley, slewing bearings, etc., press No. 4 calcium base grease;

3. because of the hoisting and amplitude change, the steel wire rope is lengthened after using for a period of time, and the luffing steel wire rope needs to be readjusted, and the lifting height, the limiter and the luffing limiter are adjusted again;

4. fastening bolts, nuts or bolts on each part of the connecting bolts, wire rope clips and rope clips, and replace them when necessary;

5. the insulation of each power or transmission equipment must be reliable and must not leak.

Two, must check regularly, usually half a year to do a good job of inspection, the problem of processing records. Specific process:

1., in the course of transportation and storage, should prevent damage to metal structure parts, and prevent structural deformation, such as found collision damage, overall distortion, without repair, shall not use.

2., check the metal structure and parts, the welding zone or material cracks, check the structure of corrosion, if found to be timely processing, without repair, shall not use.

3. pairs of connecting bolts, pins, such as excessive wear or deformation should be updated

4. clean the reducer and refill the lubricating oil, remove the rolling bearings, clean and clean the sliding bearings, fill or grease the grease when assembling.

5. apply lubricating grease to rotary gear pair.

6. check and adjust the brakes and safety devices.

7., overhaul or replacement of some of the larger parts of wear, such as: car wheels, pulleys and sliding shaft, rotating machinery, gear and so on.

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