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How to protect the hoisting equipment in winter?
Add time:2015/09/26

In winter, it is necessary to take corresponding protective measures for mechanical hoisting equipment and so on, and strengthen the maintenance to ensure their normal use.

First, timely replacement of various types of oil

1. diesel

At low temperature, the viscosity of diesel increases, which makes its fluidity worse, atomization bad and combustion worse. The starting, power and economy of diesel engine decrease obviously. Therefore, should choose low pour point diesel, diesel pour point is selected to 6 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

2. oil

At low temperature, the viscosity of the oil increases with the decrease of temperature, the fluidity becomes worse, the friction resistance increases, and the diesel engine starts difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to change the engine oil with smaller viscosity in time.

3. gear oil and grease

In winter, transmission gear, reducer and steering gear should be replaced by winter gear oil and wheel hub bearing with low temperature grease.

4. hydraulic or hydraulic transmission oil

The hydraulic and hydraulic oil hydraulic system to replace winter winter equipment and hydraulic transmission system, to prevent the winter because of the oil viscosity increases, leading to the work device and the driving system is bad, can't even work.

Second 、 maintenance cooling system

1. diesel engine insulation

In order to ensure the reliable operation of diesel engine, reduce fuel consumption and reduce mechanical wear, it is necessary to do its thermal insulation work well. In the diesel engine radiator radiator before placing curtain shielding to reduce heat loss, not to keep the temperature low.

2. check the thermostat of water-cooled diesel engine

If the diesel engine is always in low temperature operation, it will cause more wear and tear. In order to warm up the winter quickly, the thermostat can be removed, but it is necessary to reinstall it before summer comes.

3. clean the water scale in the water jacket and check the water drain switch

The cleaning water to prevent fouling so as not to affect the heat, the winter should also be timely replacement, maintenance of water switch, do not use bolts or rag replacement parts to prevent the cracking.

4. fill in antifreeze

Before the use of antifreeze, the cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned, and the use of high quality antifreeze, to avoid the antifreeze fluid quality and corrosion. In winter, add up to about 80 degrees centigrade, hot water starts the diesel engine. After the operation, you must put all the cooling water again, and then make the switch in the open position.

Third 、 maintenance of electrical equipment

1. check the electrolyte density and pay attention to the heat preservation of the battery.

Winter can be battery electrolyte density increased to 1.28-1.29g/m³ then, when necessary for the production of a sandwich insulation box, to prevent battery freezing (even cracking shell), influence of starting performance. When the temperature is below 50 degrees centigrade, after the daily operation, the battery should be placed in the warm room.

2. increase the generator terminal voltage

When the storage capacity of the storage battery is large, the charging power of the generator must be raised, the limit voltage of the regulator should be adjusted properly, and the generator terminal voltage will be raised. The generator terminal voltage should be higher 0.6V in winter than in summer.

3. maintenance starting machine

It is difficult to start the diesel engine in winter. The starting machine is used frequently. If the power of the starter is slightly insufficient, it can be used in summer, but it will be difficult to start even in winter and can not even start. Therefore, before the winter to start machine for a thorough maintenance,

Keep all parts clean and dry, especially if the brush is in good contact with the commutator.

Fourth. Adjust the fuel supply system

1., appropriately increase the injection quantity of the diesel engine injection pump, reduce the injection pressure, make more diesel oil into the cylinder, easy to start. The amount of oil needed to start the diesel engine in winter is about 2 times that of normal. For the fuel injection pump with starting and concentrating device, the auxiliary starting device should be fully utilized.

2. in winter, if the valve clearance is too small, the valve will not close tightly, the compression pressure of the cylinder is insufficient, the start-up will be difficult, and the wear of the parts will be aggravated. Therefore, the atmospheric gate gap can be properly adjusted in winter.

Fifth 、 maintenance brake device

1. check the change of brake fluid. Pay attention to the use of low temperature, good flow, small water absorption brake fluid, and prevent moisture mixing, so as not to freeze, brake failure.

2. check the oil and water separator (or gas control valve) drain switch. The drain switch can drain the water in the pipeline of the brake system to prevent freezing, and the poor performance must be replaced in time.

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