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Standard Specification for mechanical lifting tackle operators
Add time:2015/09/26

1 all well and underground hoisting shall comply with the technical regulations of this work.

2, lifting equipment should be familiar with the specifications, weight, center of gravity, lifting position.

3, lifting work should be familiar with steel rope hoisting calculation formula and safety factor calculation. Rope load weight = 25 - DKg, D in the form of wire rope diameter. (mm)

4 before lifting, the lifting tools, equipment, safety devices and safety facilities shall be inspected and tested, and the damaged and decayed lifting tools and insurance equipment shall be strictly prohibited.

5. General rules for handling operations:

5.1 all staff engaged in handling, must be familiar with and implement the procedures.

5.2, carrying larger and heavier parts, should first formulate the program, the competent departments for approval before the implementation.

5.3 manual operation, to designate a person responsible for safety and other personnel shall obey the command, keep step with, prohibited things, no electrical equipment handling charge.

5.4, the use of equipment moving parts, the operator must be familiar with the equipment performance, the use of methods, understand the operating procedures, and hold the examination certificate of operation.

5.5, before the start, we should carefully check the transportation lines and the scene, and found poor roadway support, or endanger equipment, personal safety and problems, should be asked by the times and the leadership of the relevant units to deal with, is strictly prohibited adventure operations.

5.6 the use of flat wagon device, with wooden block, only slightly wider than the car, and firmly.

5.7 the use of car loading equipment, should be kept away from the highest point, and the roadway between to meet the "coal mine safety regulations" requirement, prohibit the use of dump truck loading and unloading.

5.8 electric locomotive transportation roadway, prohibit manpower push equipment, really need to hand cart, should and transportation scheduling station contact, after the relevant departments agreed to, can push. No speeding is allowed during the push.

5.9 handling equipment, should be the first place of work debris to clean up the handling of not lying, to avoid mechanical damage.

5.10 handling parts, should pay attention to the surrounding circumstances, not to crush the cable, Feng Shui pipeline and broke down the fence and ventilation facilities.

6 、 the use of hand chain hoist and pulley block:

6.1 hand hoist is strictly prohibited overload, before starting to hoist a comprehensive inspection, prohibit the use of chain gourd.

6.2 hand hoist is not allowed to change into single chain use.

6.3, when the chain hoist hoist, to choose the angle, while checking the hanging beam (or tripod) is stable and reliable, can bear the weight of hanging objects. You must wear a safety belt when you fasten a hoist in the air.

6.4 lifting heavy objects, hand touching and pedal are forbidden. When lifting heavy objects away from the ground, they should be suspended for inspection.

6.5, when lifting weights, we should slowly stabilize the chain to prevent slipping and fall suddenly.

6.6 when using the pulley block, check the following items:

Is the 6.6.1 steel wire badly worn and rusted?.

6.6.2 are the stresses on each rope uniform?.

Does the strength of the 6.6.3 suspension block and the rope meet the requirements?.

6.6.4 open pulleys and hoists, should pay attention to the changes such as the noose hanging beam after loading, suspended loads prohibited to stand.

7, lifting, loading and unloading work:

7.1 carrying parts, to echo each other, Qiqi down Qi, to prevent bruising personnel.

More than 7.2 100kg heavy objects, prohibited personnel directly with the shoulder or shoulder lift, to take measures to lift crane. When moving parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the rope buckle changes, and the carrying capacity of the lifting rod and the rope should be adapted to the weight of the parts.

7.3, when transporting large pieces, you should appoint a special person responsible for directing. No object landing hard pull.

8, winch handling: before the use of winches, to check the following, and find problems dealt with in a timely manner:

8.1 winch pressure column, or a side support bolt and tail rope is complete and reliable.

8.2, whether the protective cover is complete and reliable?.

8.3 whether the connecting bolt is complete and fastened.

8.4, the hand brake is flexible and reliable signal.

8.5 winch rope head fixed, U type pin shaft, safety rope is firm and reliable.

8.6 the steel rope winding in the drum is neat, broken wire wear is more than the rules and regulations.

9. Each coupling device shall be adapted to the weight of the lifting and pulling parts.

10, the use of U cards, rope sets, pulleys and other objects must be more than 6.5 times the safety factor. Such as pulley system, temporary device should be designated to take care of, care personnel should stand outside the rope sleeve, so as not to whip injuries.

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