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WOLKK Ring chain electric hoist
Add time:2017/04/26

Gear box: free maintenance level for M6, WOLKK electric chain hoist with the running time of 1900 hours, the use of time as a standard rated Ohlen Keke, which means that in the practical application of Europe more than about 20% grams of Kai Lan's working life. The helical gear drive in the gear box reduces the noise and makes the operation more stable.

Brake: no maintenance, because of small wear, no need to adjust, braking fast and smooth. The brake housing is double sealed and can work in harsh weather or working conditions. Friction clutch: no maintenance, friction clutch is integrated behind the brake, it can effectively play the role of overload protection. The utility model has a speed detector, and the hoist chain can not be effectively prevented from slipping under normal conditions.

The height adjustment of the flashlight door: within the range of 2~5m and 5~8m of the hook stroke, the length of the control cable and the height of the suspension of the flashlight door can be infinitely changed. Redundant control cables can be accommodated in the unified maintenance area.

Control mode: 24V, 36V, 48V low voltage control mode, upper and lower limit switch.

Chain: high strength, anti-aging Ohlen Keke lifting special chain, the surface after hardening. Zinc plating and extra surface treatment protect it from harsh conditions.

Suspension: the compact C type structure makes full use of the height of space. WOLKK ring chain electric hoist is equipped with a variety of suspension devices, so that it is more perfect connection.

Housing: rugged, light weight die cast aluminum case, compact and modern industrial design. Car grade paint provides protection for longer.

Hoist motor: strong and durable high performance motor, even in high temperature and long-term operation, also has a large security reserves. It adopts two stage lifting speed, and also has frequency conversion control to provide multi speed change.

Sprocket: the plug-in connection facilitates quick replacement of the entire sprocket without removing motor or gear parts, thus greatly reducing downtime. With high wear resistant material, long service life.

Chain box: a strong, tough and impact resistant special plastic, can be placed in the chain of 8 meters in length, can also provide a chain of up to 40 meters or 120 meters of chain box.

Hook group: hook device comfortable hand, ergonomic principles, hooks by forging processing, excellent strength, hook 360 degrees rotation, a specially designed safety tongue, to ensure safe operation.


>>technical parameter                                                                      Double speed


Rated load

Lifting speed




working voltage

control voltage

Chain ratio

Job level

0.258/2  2880/720    220V~460V  24V

>>Dimension table                                                                           Single speed

ModelChain ratioL(mm)L1(mm)A(mm)B(mm)C(MM)D(MM)

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