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Add time:2017/04/26

Speed reducer: shell made of cast iron material with excellent manufacturing, precision CNC lathe machining, gear is made of alloy steel, vacuum carburizing treatment, transmission shaft after careful calibration and grinding, high precision, long service life, wear resistance, impact resistance, high safety coefficient reached above 5 times.

Buffer: the use of flywheel buffer motor, high inertia of the trip, start and brake are very smooth and smooth, heavy objects will not shake.

Motor: easy to heat, high pressure, low noise, high performance, high torque, small current, small size, strong output power, high frequency use.

Electromagnetic brake: the braking force is strong, the bolt adjusts the braking force directly, matches the high wear-resisting brake piece, the service life is long, the safety is high.


ModelpowerThe number of polesVoltageOutput gearOutput torquerunning speed



0.8KW4PThree-phase、380vM5  11T50N.m30 m/min
6P70N.m20 m/min

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