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Importance of crane maintenance
Add time:2017/04/27

The significance of crane maintenance: also known as crane crane, hoisting machinery in action within a certain range of vertical and horizontal load progress, is to improve the material handling conditions in modern economic construction and social activities in the process of production, logistics and transport equipment improve labor productivity indispensable, has been widely used in various fields in economic construction.

Cranes generally drive arrangement (lifting arrangements make things move up and down; work arrangements make mobile crane; rotary arrangement and amplitude arrangements make things move horizontally), plus metal (steel), arrangement of operation control, electrical system, power equipment and auxiliary equipment necessary and combination.

This is the first mechanical lifting hooks or other spreader reclaimer and progress, reduce the migration, or unload goods, or lifting of bulk material and liquid material, the arrangement is often in the starting, braking and reverse direction working condition, the working method is intermittent, cyclic, repetitive motion.

Crane in the use of the process has greater risk, mainly because of its messy layout, huge structure, wide work space, load changes. Is very good to follow the "law", to prevent unnecessary equipment and serious trouble, casualty incidents occur, by a competent departments of supervision, to strengthen the use of professional crane and safety management is very necessary.

In the case of crane's many mechanical disturbances, the reason is that the staff members violate the operating rules and equipment, and the lack of useful maintenance is one of the important factors. In the usual use of cranes, some units of the safety awareness of indifference, heavy use, light maintenance, maintenance, and even the appearance of machinery sick work for a long time, which gives the crane operation and use of certain security risks. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of cranes can not be ignored.

Importance of crane maintenance

The maintenance and maintenance of cranes are directly related to the safety of hoisting machines. It is an important factor to decide whether the hoisting machinery and equipment can adhere to the follow-up vitality and then create more economic benefits. Any mechanical equipment, in the long process of use, some parts and components are because of oscillation, friction and other factors, can not be prevented from loosening, corrosion, aging, damage and other appearance.

In order to extend the use of crane life, reduce the equipment failure rate, reduce and eliminate security risks, the use of units of the timing of the crane do a good job of equipment maintenance maintenance work is very necessary, it is also very important.

Just often view, maintenance and maintenance of the crane, lubrication needed for lubrication of parts, robust on the need to tighten the parts, repair, replacement of wearing parts, can eliminate the disadvantages of equipment risk, reduce the incidence of trouble, the hoisting machine more safety work, in order to create very good economic benefits.

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